Shrewsbury School, which charges $45000 a year, has been one of the best private schools in the UK since its foundation in 1552 by Edward VI. It has nurtured talents across all sectors; from the well-known actor Sir Michael Palin to one of the most important figures in the biological field- Charles Darwin.

  Situated along the longest river in Great Britain- the Severn, the 110-acre campus is one of the most beautiful in the country. It is home to over 800 pupils, of which 80% are boarders in the 12 lovely houses on the school site. It is also home to a set of brilliant facilities, including modern teaching and sporting facilities, carefully maintained football fields, and centuries-old historic establishments.

  Shrewsbury School is one of the seven public schools subject to the Public Schools Act 1868 and one of the nine schools reviewed by the Clarendon Commission between 1861 and 1864, alongside with other big names like Harrow, Eton, and Winchester.  This has since been a symbol of quality, heritage, and legacy which students and staff take pride in.

  Moreover, the school was awarded the World Athletics Heritage Plaque, becoming one of the seven recipients worldwide. It is awarded for an outstanding contribution to the worldwide history and development of track, field, and out-of-stadia athletics. Running therefore is a big part of the identity and culture of the school. One of our signature events is the ‘Tucks’, where all pupils run a 5km course. This happens yearly before the end of the first half term. Not only is this a test of the physical fitness of the participants, but it is also a challenge to their mental strength and endurance. 

 Shrewsbury School offers a variety of activities inside and outside of the classroom to all pupils, believing in a ‘whole person education’. This includes all kinds of sports, music, drama, and more. Fellow classmate Dason Tsoi confirms that life in Shrewsbury School is quite frantic yet fruitful. He is involved in orchestras, Model United Nations, and other academic endeavors. Although they add a certain level of stress to pupils, the benefits they bring to future careers are huge. He also commends the school’s efforts and support to work experience and career support. Evidently, the school was a finalist for their Career Programme for two consecutive years.

  In my opinion, Shrewsbury School is a wonderful place to be educated. If interested, why not book a visit to the campus to find out for yourself?