I welcome the new Home Secretary to his post. James Cleverly is an effective minister and a decent man.

He must, however, continue the government’s pledge to stop the boats. Immigration is a major concern in Stourbridge alongside the cost of living. Net migration last year was more than 600,000. That figure puts too much pressure on services and housing on this already crowded island. The cost of the asylum system is now £4 billion a year. There is nothing wrong with being concerned about this issue.

The government has been successful in limiting the dangerous and illegal crossings of the channel. The numbers are nearly a third down on this time last year. More co-operation with France to stop launches, the Illegal Migration Act coming into force and a deal to return Albanian asylum seekers have helped.

But the government must be bolder. The disappointment of the Supreme Court ruling about Rwanda needs effective legislation to make parliament sovereign. Not the courts - and certainly not the European Court of Human Rights or any other international agreement in a world where there is a global migration crisis. The UK can help reform those agreements and laws, but I do not think it should be beholden to them when they are not fit for purpose.

This country, that has fought dictators for centuries, needs no lessons on how to treat others. It is a beacon of the rule of law when many are not. It has a long history of tolerance and welcoming those fleeing danger. It has allowed people from Ukraine, Hong Kong, Syria and Afghanistan to come here to flee those dangers. That will not change. It is those who are coming here as economic migrants from safe countries in Europe that we must stop.

This is complex and difficult to deal with. I think we all know that. However, this government wants to solve the problem of illegal migration and is working its socks off to achieve it.

But what of a Labour government? It will not show the same commitment to stop the boats, of that I am sure, and we should worry. It has no problem with unfettered free movement of people and would strike a deal with the EU to bring migrants here. The previous Labour governments of Blair and Brown were happy to allow free movement from Eastern European countries when other EU countries were not.

The question I always ask to those campaigning for open-door immigration is this: how many people should come? Millions want to come here, how many is OK? One million? Two million? More?

They never have a coherent answer.

We must lower net migration. We must stop the boats.