Stoke-on-Trent sixth form were given a truly unique experience on the 22nd and 23rd of November. Students embarked on a creative workshop titled “courage to create, being lead by some of the most creative people in the country.  Designers (Ali Auger), independent photographers (Ben Farr and Clive Booth), Art directors from VCCP (Jim Thorton, Elias Torres, Emma Houlsston), Brand Strategist (Hannah Wood) were all part of the first workshop of this kind. 

Lead by Clive Booth, the student embarked on an in-depth lighting workshop where he showed them the power of lighting tone and position can change an image. The idea of performance within models was also brought forward. Learning how to communicate to a model in order to capture raw emotion. Creating powerful images from just 2 models and light, a valuable lesson for budding photographers.

One of the students, Caitlyn Bromley, gave insight into the experience saying “it was interesting to see how Clive worked. He showed us the importance of using light to show emotion and I think it was a valuable lesson for us all “the students then took part in creating an outcome from a singular word here is what Caitlyn said her group did “we got the word ‘online’ and so the possibilities were endless. We eventually settled on the theme of cyberbullying and then began to brainstorm ideas”

Overall, this was a successful and eye opening workshop allowing creative student to gain insight into work life in this ever-growing industry.