The rate of homelessness increases annually, causing 1 in 208 people in the UK to experience unsafe and unstable housing situations. Citizen students attending City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form were concerned and upset about the soaring numbers of people suffering from homelessness that they had seen around the college area, Stoke and Hanley. In addition, there has been a reduction in the number of people sleeping rough for leaving institutions such as prison, care or hospital implying that the public are suffering from poverty- which is not at any fault of their own. 

In hopes to see change in the community, students spoke to the Labour Councilor, Finlay Gordon McCusker, where they put him under intense scrutiny so that the Government can take accountability. He was impressed by the student's passion and concerns, “I was really inspired by the work of all the students taking part in the Active Citizenship Project. The projects set up to help homeless people were particularly inspiring, as it is sadly an issue which affects too many in our city.’’ 


Over a few months the college students collected donations of essentials the homeless may need for the winter season which will be handed out to the local community as the colder season raises more concern for vulnerable to catch illnesses. 

“I hope the work that the students are doing on this project will reach all of those who need support. Being on the streets must be a terrible experience, especially so in these freezing temperatures and when the weather is as bad as it has been recently.’’ 


Local charities were contacted to reach more people who may need help, however homeless people are often scared and reject help from charities as the environment is often violent. 


A message from Finlay Gordan McCusker: 

“Thanks to passionate people in the community, like the students taking part in this project, the lives of those people who are homeless will be made that little bit better. The Government need to do their bit by providing enough funding so that Councils can provide the right support to those who need it.”