The upcoming duo band, Just Above Snakes, has recently released their first EP and is sharing their immersive sound with a growing audience. The duo band consists of Keaton Marrs and Peter Shaw, together they perform covers of their favourite folk and indie artists, but they also write their own material showcasing their unique style. Between them, they play a multitude of instruments including an acoustic guitar, a bass, a harmonica and a base drum, all while singing and engaging with the audience. The duo band enjoys taking on gigs and mostly showcases their music through live performance, so this extended play that they released on the 10th of November 2023 was new for them both. 

The EP launch happened on the 12th of November 2023, where the Salthouse NW (who hosted this event) was filled with excitement and enthusiasm for the next steps into Just Above Snakes future. Here are some direct thoughts and ideas from Keaton Marrs one of the duo band members. 

Where did your love for music come from? 

“Initially from when I was little, my mum and dad would constantly play CD’s and DVDs of live gigs by bands such as Lindisfarne and ELO, I remember watching them and getting goose bumps from just imagining what it would be like up on that stage performing for thousands of people. And this is what we are obviously working towards today, this is where I first found my love for live music.” 

Who as an artist is your biggest inspiration? 

“I would say Lindisfarne is my biggest inspiration in terms of style and perusing live gigs instead of being constantly in the studio, we as a band ourselves are a lot more gig based. We love to include the pure enjoyment and foot stomping nature that Lindisfarne showcases, as well as taking inspiration from the simplicity of their music.” 

What would you say your strengths and weaknesses are as an artist? 

“Strengths I would say include is the multitasking and confidence of being on stage, and that just comes from 6 years of gigging and eventually it becomes second nature. My weakness hast to be writing songs, it doesn't come naturally often and it's hard for me to force myself to sit down and write a song I'm happy with.” 

What is your creative process like when writing original material? 

“It hast to come to me naturally, it's impossible to force, but songs can come from a small initial idea which I would then run by peter, and it snowballs from there as we bounce of each other, and it builds into a song.” 

How do you feel about the EP release? 

“Extremely proud and happy with it a lot of work has gone into it through the process of recording, getting mixes back and forth, slight changes, sorting physical copies of CDs, planning the launch. Alot of stress but now I can relax and be proud of what we have done from the tracks to the artwork on the EP and the fact it's being played on radios across the country.” 

Plans for Just Above Snakes future? 

“Hopefully a full studio album will be on its way, going to have a look at getting back in the studio and releasing a full album next year!” 


Just Above snakes can be found on all big social platforms and be sure to give them a listen on streaming platforms. Their music is amazing and deserves to be appreciated.