This image is captured on the 5th of January, 2024. The location is in the town of Shrewsbury, near the Boathouse. Flooding has occurred in Shrewsbury and multiple roads have been closed due to this hazardous weather as cars and pedestrians will not be able to cross certain roads that are flooded by rainwater.

In the image, a coffee shop “The Coffee Evolution” can be seen flooded with water. The flooding disrupted its day-to-day running as the shop could not be reached from anywhere.

Numerous residents have been forced out of their homes due to this detrimental situation. According to the BBC news, some residents have decided to move temporarily to a hotel and were disappointed of the insufficient preparation of the town for this flooding. Some residents have lost their furniture as they were fully flooded.

On the Shropshire Council website, more information about the flooding and the closure of parks have been listed. You may find the information here: