COLLECTIONS in Stourbridge town centre raised money for a hardworking pet rescue which is desperate for funds.

Debbie Davies carried out collections in the town on Saturday December 2 and raised £69.76 from kind-hearted people for Pepper's Pet Rescue, in Halesowen. 

The rescue, based on the Lodgefield estate, is run by Sophie Pepper and a small team of volunteers.

Mum-of-two Sophie said: "Debbie also raised a lot of awareness for our charity and gave out leaflets about our charity and the work we do."

The rescue - which is a registered charity - is desperate for funds and relies solely on donations and fundraisers.

Sophie said: "The charity is desperate for funds right now.

"Vet bills are huge, there’s next to no money in the bank (genuinely), we have poorlies, a huge waiting list of animals to come in, and ongoing pet shop bills."

To donate visit Peppers Pet Rescue on Facebook.