HALFORDS has confirmed it is closing its long-running Merry Hill store.

The large store has been open at the shopping centre in Brierley Hill for decades since its earliest days.

Customers, however, posting on social media have branded it a shadow of its former self with one poster saying: “I’ve been in a few times recently and it’s a sorry state, there is never anyone in there.”

Another commenter said: “Halfords nowadays is no where near the Halfords of the 60s or 70s.”

Others said they would miss the store, which is said to be closing on January 26.

One poster said: “I get the kids bikes from there and always have my bulbs done. It is a real shame.”

Another said: “That’s a shame, was one of the first stores at Merry Hill in the 80s, used it loads over the years but not much these days. Was very useful when I needed stuff urgently, but there rarely seemed to be many in when I go lately.”

The next nearest Halfords stores are located at Oldbury, Bilston and Kidderminster.

A spokesperson for Halfords confirmed news of the planned closure and said: “We can confirm the Halfords store in Merry Hill is due to close and staff are aware of the closure.

“Customers will still be able to purchase from Halfords.com. We are working hard to support all of those affected.”