The UK has kept its tradition of sixth-form A-levels, a difficult yet rewarding course in preparation for university. For Shrewsbury School it is no different, with current 5th form students participating in an options fair to gain information and insight to possible A-level choices.

Popular choices for many students include Maths, the sciences, Economics and Geography. As one pupil states “The options fair helped me choose between doing Physics or History. I think I’m going to pick History because it sounds much more interesting!”. This fair allows students to select up to 4 A-level choices, attending explanations by the heads of faculty in their respective subjects from 11am to 1pm. Also available for parents, this fair educates all involved in a pupil’s education on the content, as well as future advantages each respective course will bring.

With university admissions looming soon, Shrewsbury School attempts to educate its students to make suitable A-level choices, aligning with their future career and degree. Compiled with hardworking teachers, the over 170 pupils in Shrewsbury School’s Fifth form are ready to take their first step into the world of Sixth Form.