Many people rely on public transport heavily as their only way to commute to work and school, especially students who may not be in the position to buy and operate their own vehicle, thus public transport is the cheaper options. Therefore, making it extremely frustrating when the standard from train companies slips, leaving passengers in a helpless situation.

Year 1 students, Sian Day and Neve Campbell share their experience:

“My educational experience has been negatively impacted by the trains continual lateness. Especially on a Monday morning at 8:10 when everyone is trying to get to work. There are only two carriages on the train available, which isn’t ideal when I am paying a £5.10 return ticket daily to not even receive a seat”.

The result of students missing the early morning train on a daily basis would lead them to missing the beginning of each lesson which is arguably the most crucial part of a class. Teachers may become annoyed to behavior that may seem lazy and unpunctual-when in reality it is not something they can control. In addition, students who wish to take further education would need to obtain a good attendance record as universities associate good attendance with good academic performance.

“On a Friday, we are usually advised to stand at another train line platform, to catch a train that is hard not to miss as it only comes every hour. This delay also means that me and many other students cannot get back into the college since the dead zones cause people to be stuck on the platform during rush hours”.

Unfortunately, the further away someone is travelling from, the more the delays will impact their day. I recognize the fact that buses are available for passengers, to replace any trains that won’t be able to leave for departure. However, they often taken even longer than the already delayed trains and are not as fast.