DRIVERS have been warned they could be fined for parking in ‘advisory’ disabled spaces on residential borough streets as part of rule changes.

There are a number of disabled spaces which have been marked out following requests from homeowners and tenants with mobility issues.

But at the moment they are only advisory disabled spaces and not enforceable.

As part of new plans being proposed by Dudley Council, they will become statutory disabled spaces so only blue badge holders can use them.

Councillor Damian Corfield, the council's cabinet member for public realm, said: “We get lots of complaints from residents about advisory disabled parking spaces on their streets, so I am very pleased to be able to bring this forward.

“On one hand we get people with mobility issues complaining that other people on the street are nicking ‘their’ spot. On the other hand, we get other residents complaining it is being used improperly by friends and family members of the person who applied for it.

“From now on you will have to have a blue badge to park in these spaces, or you could be fined.

“It makes it clearer for everyone, and gives us a uniform rule across the borough for enforcing disabled parking in our streets, town centres and car parks.”

It comes as the council is also proposing to speed up the time it takes to rule on Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) applications such as installing double yellow lines and making streets one-way.

Under the current system decisions are taken once a year, but proposals could see that changed to three times a year.

The disabled parking and TRO proposals will be discussed at the next meeting of the council’s ruling cabinet on Thursday February 15.

It will take place in Committee Room 2 at Dudley Council House on Priory Road, and members of the public are welcome to attend.