THE DISTRAUGHT parents of a Wordsley teenager who was stabbed in the head and arms during an English lesson have hit out at the school.

Chloe Fisher was left with gaping wounds to her head and blood pouring down her face after she was allegedly attacked with a pair of scissors at Wordsley School on (Monday February 26) at around 2pm.

Stourbridge News: Chloe had blood pouring down her head Chloe had blood pouring down her head (Image: Handout)

Her parents Jay Fisher and Emma Loat are furious and say the school on Brierley Hill Road did not call them to notify them of the horrific incident.

They have sent a letter to MP Mike Wood highlighting the case.

Jay, a 36-year-old father-of-three, said he found out 15-year-old Chloe had been stabbed when she called him herself and sent him a Whatsapp video of blood pouring down her face.

Stourbridge News: One of the wounds on Chloe's head One of the wounds on Chloe's head (Image: Handout)

Chloe's mum Emma said: "We are utterly shocked and distraught that this has happened to our daughter.

"What makes this situation worse however, is the fact that it was not the school who contacted us to inform us of this horrific incident, it was our daughter.

"She called her dad screaming and crying down the phone.

"The Wordsley School staff failed to contact myself, my partner or even call an ambulance.

"My partner immediately left work and drove straight to the school.

"During this time we had still had no communication from The Wordsley School.

"Upon arrival my partner found Chloe who was surrounded by six teachers, but no police presence or paramedics at that time.

"The left side of Chloe's face was plastered in blood.

"My partner questioned the staff as to why we were never called about the incident and to inform us that our daughter had been stabbed.

"Their response was that they presumed somebody had already called us.

"They also said that they also wanted to establish the truth before notifying the police.

"Two police officers did eventually arrive.

"This is absolutely appalling."

Stourbridge News: One of Chloe's injuries One of Chloe's injuries (Image: Handout)

She added: "The Wordsley School needs to be held accountable for its major failings.

"We are absolutely distraught that this has happened to our daughter.

"We do not feel that our children are safe to return to school.

"The school do not seem able to provide us with answers as to why they have failed us."

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of assault with intent to cause serious harm and has been released on bail, with conditions.

The school did not wish to make any further comment other than its original statement issued by headteacher Ashley Weatherhogg on Tuesday which stated: "An incident took place in school yesterday afternoon, which is being dealt with through the school's behaviour policy.

"The school is now following the normal procedures and carrying out a full investigation."

The couple, who live in Brierley Hill, say they are keeping Chloe and her brother off school as they do not feel that they are safe there.