POLICE have recovered four stolen cars and uncovered a suspected chop shop in the Hagley/Halesowen area.

Two car key burglaries in the Marlbrook area on Wednesday March 13 led officers from West Mercia Police to the site on the border with West Midlands Police on Friday March 15.

The two stolen cars were recovered and two other stolen vehicles were recovered at the premises together with hundreds of suspected stolen car parts and more than £5,000 in cash.

Stourbridge News: Items found by police investigating a suspected chop shopItems found by police investigating a suspected chop shop (Image: West Mercia Police)

Three men, aged 36, 40 and 47, from the West Midlands area, were arrested at the scene on suspicion of handling stolen goods. They have all been bailed while enquiries continue.

Detective Sergeant Kelle Westwood, from North Worcestershire CID, said: “This was a great result following good detective work from our team here in North Worcestershire acting quickly following the two car key burglaries in Marlbrook.

“Intel work led us to the site where we have recovered four stolen cars and hundreds of pieces of evidence of a wider operation involving the use of stolen car parts and cash at this site resulting in the three arrests which we are now investigating further.

“We are pleased to have shut down this suspected chop shop. Chop shops are a place where criminals sell stolen cars to be stripped for parts where they are often used to repair a car that’s been written off by an insurance company and bought by the chop shop as salvage.

“The cars sold by chop shops are not only fuelling a market for car thieves, but they are also botched together by people often with no qualifications and therefore very dangerous to all road users.”

West Mercia Police said the arrests form part the force’s ongoing #OpEnzyme operation which has concentrated efforts on making stolen cars too hot to handle in north Worcestershire.

DS Westwood added: “Op Enzyme is a cross-border, partnership campaign to combat a rise in car key burglaries and other vehicle related offences reported in and around Bromsgrove and Redditch.”