A COMMUNITY campaigner has raised concerns after finding two large trailers abandoned on roads in Lye.

Naz Amed, who is standing as a candidate for the Liberal Democrats in local election for the Lye and Stourbridge North ward, told the News two trailers were  found dumped in Lye - 1.9 miles apart.

One was found in Stour Vale Road while the other was left in Attwood Street on March 20.

Mr Ahmed said the trailers were filled with waste and he added: “They are the middle of nowhere and dangerous for other road users and residents.”

He said he has spoken to the local police sergeant about the discovery and reported it to the council.

Nicholas McGurk, director for highways and environmental services at Dudley Council, said on Friday (March 22): “We are currently in the process of arranging the removal of the trailers.

“An investigation into how they came to be there is being conducted by the police and the Environment Agency, and we will assist in that process.”