A business owner from Stourbridge has breathed a "huge sigh of relief" after roadworks along the Wolverhampton Road were completed. 

The team at David Anthony's Hair Design, which is located on Castle Road in Cookley, said they were happy to see the work along the A449 finished as it had started to have a knock-on effect on the salon. 

The work started on January 24 with a three-way traffic light system in place at the junction of Cookley to allow Cadent Gas to replace a gas main. 

The system had been causing travel chaos for residents in the area with the salon owner, David Murphy, revealing he had been stuck some days trying to pull out at the junction for more than half an hour. 

Stourbridge News: Customers at the salon have been affected by the work Customers at the salon have been affected by the work (Image: Google)

Mr Murphy, from Stourbridge, said: "There has been a noticeable difference since the traffic lights have gone. I have breathed a huge sigh of relief and I think Louise and our customers have as well.   

"They had started to have an impact on the business as clients coming from the direction of Kidderminster, Bewdley and Stourport were late for their appointments but those coming from Stourbridge and Kinver were still on time as they weren't caught up in the traffic. 

"It meant a lot of customers were having to wait around and others were really anxious about being late. The junction has also been a nightmare as people were scared to pull out so it is a big relief to customers and people in the village that the work is finished."

Stourbridge News: The junction at Cookley had also been causing problems The junction at Cookley had also been causing problems (Image: Kidderminster Drone)

The Worcestershire County Council website said the roadworks were expected to stay in place until May 3 but the work was completed ahead of schedule on Wednesday, April 3. 

Many residents have also taken to social media to express their relief and happiness that the traffic lights have gone and the work has been completed. 

In a statement, a spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: "Worcestershire County Council Highways issued a permit to Cadent Gas allowing them to undertake works to their infrastructure on Wolverhampton Road (A449). 

"The permit issued was closed on April 3 at 3pm when the works were completed and there are currently no further permits authorised for Cadent Gas at this location."