The visit of a therapy dog has brought memories flooding back for a couple living in a care home.

Residents at Oriel Care Home on Hagley Road in Stourbridge were delighted by visits from pet therapy dog, Lester.

The eight-year-old Sprocker Spaniel, owned by volunteer Ele Watts, is an authorised 'Pets for Therapy' dog, and visits the care home monthly.



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One couple reminiscing over past tales of their dogs were Toni and Len Browning, whose previous furry friends included an Alaskan Malamute, a Keeshond, and a Samoyed.

Among fond anecdotes, Mrs Browning said: "We loved our dogs, they were our world.

"I remember winning the 'Dog most like its Owner' award with our Keeshonds Sassie and Keesh as I was wearing a jumper spun by their fur."

In an unusual pastime, the couple spent hours combing their dogs' hair and spinning it into sweaters.

Mrs Browning added: "We had to do a lot of brushing to produce the fur that was combed and spun on a spinning wheel.

"We then turned the fur into sweaters, like you would do with the wool of a sheep, or an alpaca."

Lester's visits also spark joy for 90-year-old resident, Fred Tarr, former owner of a black Labrador and two Golden Retrievers.

He said: "Remembering my dogs makes me feel very emotional but Lester always makes me smile and lift my spirits."

Home manager, Kellie Hunt, said: "We’re so lucky to have Lester – he’s a wonderful dog and it’s great to see how his visits are bringing back such happy memories.

“Some of our residents are unable to leave their rooms due to their health and request that Lester pays them a visit– which he does.

"It’s clear from the smiles on the residents’ faces that Lester’s presence is positive – he even does tricks in the lounge and often gets a standing ovation."