“IF we don’t act now then we will see pieces of our history eradicated forever” – Dudley North MP Marco Longhi told the House of Commons as he introduced a bill to help protect heritage pubs in the wake of the destruction of the Crooked House.

Conservative MP Mr Longhi introduced his Heritage Public Houses bill in a Ten Minute Rule Motion on Wednesday (April 24) calling for local authorities to be required to maintain a register of heritage pubs in their area and to place restrictions on the sale of historic boozers.

The bill also calls for various other protections to help safeguard historic watering holes and preserve them for future generations.

Mr Longhi had promised he would call for a toughening up of legislation as he addressed locals at a public meeting at Himley Hall last year shortly after the Crooked House was destroyed by fire and bulldozed in August 2023.

The MP told the Commons as he introduced his bill: “I stand before you, Madam Deputy Speaker, with a call to action. On 5 August last year, we learned of the devastating loss of a cherished piece of my local community’s history, the Crooked House.

Stourbridge News: MP Marco Longhi speaking in the Commons about the Crooked House on April 24MP Marco Longhi speaking in the Commons about the Crooked House on April 24 (Image: Parliamentlive.TV)

"This beloved pub with its unique character and rich tapestry of stories was senselessly destroyed in what was seen by most as the ruthless pursuit of profit over preservation. The Crooked House was not just a pub.

"Over centuries, it was a gathering place, a sanctuary, a piece of our shared heritage. Its walls held countless memories and moments that defined our lives in the Black Country and far beyond.”

Stourbridge News: The Crooked House pub at HimleyThe Crooked House pub at Himley (Image: SWNS)

The landmark pub, which was originally a house – dating back to 1765, was famous across the world for its wonky appearance - caused by subsidence due to mining.

Beloved by locals and history fans, it was hit by severe fire, later deemed arson, on August 5 and then bulldozed to the ground two days later – with just piles of rubble remaining.

Mr Longhi said: “Seeing the Crooked House violently reduced to ashes and rubble immediately tore a profound wound that cut deep into the consciousness of a people not just locally, but nationally, and in fact from all corners of the planet.

Stourbridge News: The rubble remains of the Crooked HouseThe rubble remains of the Crooked House (Image: PA)

“The destruction of the Crooked House is not just a tragedy, but a wake-up call. It exposes a disturbing trend where short-sighted greed trumps the preservation of our cultural heritage. It vividly exposes the shortcomings of our systems and frameworks that should offer better protection to these treasured assets.”

Mr Longhi told MPs “enough is enough” and added: “It is time to put people and history before money. It is time that we enshrine the protection of our heritage pubs in law to give them the best chance of surviving the forces of greed, and also the winds of change.”

He called for a tightening up of legislation to better protect heritage pubs in the future and he said: “If we don’t act now then we will see pieces of our history eradicated forever.”

He urged fellow MPs to “stand with the ghost of the Crooked House, stand with my local communities in Gornal, Sedgley and Dudley and far beyond who want to see the Crooked House rebuilt brick by brick” and he added: “Let us vow to protect these institutions, not just for ourselves but for the generations to come.”

Members of the Save the Crooked House team looked on from the public gallery as the MP gave his speech, with his Crooked House rock by Megan Wakeman by his side.