PHOTOGRAPHERS across the Black Country got some amazing shots last Friday when the northern lights made an appearance due to an extreme geomagnetic storm.

The sighting of the phenomenon known as the aurora borealis created lots of excitement and left those who missed out wondering when the lights might return.

Skywatchers may be in luck as AuroraWatch UK has issued a red alert for activity this evening (Friday May 17).

The service predicts when people will likely be able to see the northern lights.

Tonight’s alert reads: “Red alert – aurora likely.

“It is likely that aurora will be visible by eye and camera from anywhere in the UK.”

Whether people can get a good glimpse again tonight, however, will depend on cloud cover.

According to the Met Office, the Dudley borough is set to have areas of low cloud throughout the evening – with mist and fog possible in places.

it will at least remain mild and dry for those sitting outside in the hope of seeing the lights.