A STOURBRIDGE man has been slapped with a banning order after antisocial activities, as well as theft and drug-related offences, across the borough.

Craig Davies, of no fixed address, was issued with a criminal behaviour order (CBO) at Walsall Magistrates’ Court last Monday (May 13). 

The order will run for two years and imposes strict limits on the 37-year-old’s activities.

West Midlands Police have said Davies has been a “regular offender” over the years, being involved in shoplifting and theft as well as committing drug-related and other offences in Brierley Hill, Stourbridge and nearby areas. 

He would also indulge in street begging and other antisocial behaviour.

Officers said his behaviour included “aggressively harassing members of the public and shop staff, and generally making a nuisance of himself”. 

Davies was previously subject to a criminal protection notice, which likewise placed limits on what he could do.

But he breached this, leading police to push for him to be placed under the higher-level CBO. 

Throughout the two-year duration of the order, Davies will have to adhere to its strict conditions, which prohibits him from begging or taking drugs in public spaces and also prevents him from lingering around shop fronts and restricts where he can sleep. 

As well as following these and other conditions of the order, he will also be required to work with Dudley Council’s homelessness team and support services to address his rough sleeping and drug problems. 

If Davies breaches the requirements set out in the CBO, he could face up to five years in jail. 

Neighbourhood Inspector Michelle Allen said: "Craig Davies’ persistent offending and general antisocial behaviour was both a blight on our community and a drain on our resources. 

"We were determined to do something about this and I must praise Sergeant Imran Mohammed and the Stourbridge Neighbourhood Team for their perseverance and for presenting such a strong case for a criminal behaviour order to the magistrates. 

"We’re pleased to see the court impose this order, which will provide relief to local businesses and residents, particularly around Stourbridge town centre, but will also encourage Davies to seek the help he needs to deal with his personal problems. 

"We hope he does so, as the consequences for him could be severe if not, but we won’t hesitate to take action against him again should he breach the order."