Brsk is bringing fast, full fibre broadband to the good people of The Black Country and beyond, across the West Midlands and North West of the UK.

Their approach is pretty simple:

  1. Provide the fastest, most reliable type of broadband available in the UK. That’s full fibre directly into your home, with download AND upload speeds of up to 900Mbps.
  2. Charge a fair price. Currently, promotional offers start at £23 per month, fixed for a new 24-month contract. And if you go for their 900Mbps package, there’s a whopping £312 saving.
  3. Back it all up with stellar customer service. Just take a look at their Trustpilot rating of 4.7/5 - Excellent really.

They don’t shy away from sharing their views on the state of broadband in the UK. From high prices to slow speeds, so many broadband providers are getting away with shocking injustices - which, let's be honest, just feels criminal. In recent interviews with a number of brsk’s customers, many of these injustices came to light.

Stourbridge News: Switch to brsk and feel the diffrenceSwitch to brsk and feel the diffrence (Image: brsk)

Before switching to brsk, Richard, owner of a digital marketing agency based in Stourbridge, was frustrated.

“From a work perspective, the internet is crucial for me. My previous provider, whom I'd been with for a long time, claimed to offer super-fast broadband, and I wasn't always convinced that the speeds I was getting were the speeds that were advertised,” he said. 
But after making the move to brsk, things are different.

“I don’t have to think about the internet anymore. Everything just runs smoothly.”

The evidence of bad broadband is overwhelming, and brsk is sure, that like Richard, you can relate to one, if not all of these broadband 'crimes':

  • Buffering when streaming your shows
  • Frozen faces during important video calls
  • Laggy online gaming
  • Frequent outages
  • Uploads that take forever
  • Expensive contracts, with mid-contract price hikes
  • Terrible customer service

Somebody has to speak up when something’s not right. And brsk have done just that. Because, according to brsk, it’s time to clean up broadband in this town. Case closed.  

Brsk is continuously growing its network and already covers major areas near you, including Dudley, Hagley and Halesowen with Rowley Regis, confirmed as one of the next areas to benefit from brsk full fibre. In fact, 100,000 homes in the West Midlands could order right now and expect to be installed in a matter of days.

To find out more about brsk (and see more testimonials from Richard and other real brsk customers), visit right now.

Want to speak directly to a human? Call 0330 088 0564.

Stourbridge News:

Ends June 30, 2024. Valid for new customers only. Average speeds achievable by 50% of users: 100Mbps on BetterNet100, 500Mbps on BetterNet500 and 900Mbps on BetterNet1000. 900Mbps can be achieved on a single device with a wired connection, but may be less via WiFi. T&Cs apply.