MERRY Hill has welcomed the first ever West Midlands World of Hearing store from Boots Hearingcare.

The store, which opened its doors on Monday June 17, it offers a high-tech immersion room and self-screening centre to revolutionise the way people think about hearing care.

Customers can try out hearing aids for themselves in a variety of settings – such as what it might sound like if they were in a busy restaurant or at a concert. The offering aims to helps people living with hearing loss to experience what it would be like to have a hearing aid fitted in real life.

Echo Lu, managing director of Boots Hearingcare, said: “We hope this new innovative format can help remove the stigma associated with hearing loss and encourage more people to act on their hearing loss and to experience the joy of better hearing and better quality of life, with the latest technology and great customer care from Boots.”

According to Boots Hearingcare, hearing loss is the UK’s second most common disability and 14.2 million adults in the UK projected to experience some degree of hearing loss by 2035.

The new store aims to demonstrate first-hand how transformational life can be when people can reconnect with the sounds they love.

It’s also offering customers chance to get a free hearing health check at the store and speak to an expert whenever it suits them.

Jonathan Poole, centre manager at Merry Hill, added: “We’re excited to welcome Boots Hearingcare to Merry Hill. The new, revolutionary approach to treating hearing loss in their World of Hearing stores will be a much-welcomed addition to the centre for our millions of visitors. It will be a transformational store experience.

“I encourage anyone who may be struggling with their hearing to head into Boots Hearingcare to chat to the experts and receive a free hearing test.”