NEARLY 1,000 people in Kingswinford have mobilised behind campaigners demanding the demolition of a controversial phone mast site.

Residents on the High Acres estate, who say they are living in fear of radiation from over 18 antennae on a disused water tower, have already collected over 900 names on a petition calling for the eyesore to be scrapped.

Campaigners say the tower, in the middle of a public open space, may be causing a range of serious health problems including fatal cancers, despite radio waves from it’s masts being within UK safety guidelines.

Fifteen businesses, including Wordsley Green hair salon Jones & Hackett, are backing The High Acres Base Station Mast Action Group by collecting signatures from concerned customers.

Shop owner, Mandy Jones-Hackett, said: “We have numerous customers whose strength of feeling is that they would like something done about the phone mast on High Acres estate.

“Somebody out there needs to consider the people and places where they put them.”

The tower recently made national headlines after the Stourbridge News revealed it produced significantly higher levels of radiation than any other English site surveyed by government watchdog Ofcom this year.

Kingswinford and Wall Heath councillors Dave Tyler and Lynn Boleyn have also taken up the cause after paying a visit to the site last week.

Cllr Tyler said: “The council would have faced massive opposition if this land had been open green space and they had earmarked this site for a brand new telecoms tower.

“Unfortunately the industry saw their chance to capitalise on a redundant water tower and the council just allowed it to happen and expand by stealth.

“It should frighten people to know that Dudley Council does not even have a complete record of what telecoms equipment is based in the borough.”

Cllr Boleyn added: “Apart from being an eyesore, this is a very serious local, national and global issue where many lives could be at risk, especially our childrens’.”

Wendy Baggott, from The High Acres Base Station Mast Action Group, said: “We are just going from strength to strength every day.

“I want to thank everyone who is helping us, without everyone on board we couldn’t do this, it shows we are definitely a community.

“It’s overwhelming, it’s not only residents in High Acres, we are taking it to a wider area, we have support locally, nationally and worldwide.”