HALF-TERM kids’ movie Hotel for Dogs is not exactly dog-tastic - but it’s a humorous enough, heart-warming outing.

Directed by Thor Freudenthal, the comic caper follows 16-year-old orphan Andi and her younger brother Bruce as they try to hide their loyal dog Friday from their grotesque pet-hating guardians.

They soon find the loveable little creature a home in a disused hotel and before long they find themselves running a secret four-star canine retreat for needy pooches from across the city.

Lead actors Emma Roberts as Andi and Jake T Austin as Bruce are both likeable and sparky, as are supporting cast members Johnny Simons, Kyla Pratt and Troy Gentile.

Don Cheadle is a long way from Hotel Rwanda, but is sincere and watchable as always as kind-hearted social worker Bernie.

While Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from Friends) and Kevin Dillon unimpress as hideous, talentless foster parents Lois and Carl Scudder.

The real stars of this fluffy kids’ movie are the hard-working hounds themselves and what the movie lacks in plot, the fabulous four-legged mutts more than make up for with their cute little expressions, perfectly-preened coats and brilliantly choreographed animal antics.

It’s not going to win any ‘Oscars’ or give much in the way of paws for thought, but it’s certainly no howler either; a tail-waggingly sweet Sunday afternoon sort of movie that’s fun for all the family.

Star rating ***