STOURBRIDGE euro MP Liz Lynne is demanding more action to examine potential harm from mobile phone masts.

Lib Dem MEP Liz is also calling on countries in the euro zone to dramatically reduce exposure limits for mobile phone masts near schools or residential areas until scientists discover if wireless communication devices cause long-tem harm.

The initiative, including a written declaration in the European Parliament, follows her visit to the High Acres site in Kingswinford in February where residents fear a massive base station may causing a cancer hotspot.

Liz, who is co-chair of MEPs Against Cancer in the European Parliament said: “With the explosion in demand for mobile phones we have seen a huge increase in the number of mobile phone masts springing up around both the UK and the rest of Europe, but many experts are now raising serious questions about the long term health effects of these masts.

“There is more and more evidence that ten, 15 years down the line there may be serious side-effects from the use of wireless technology due to the electromagnetic radiation these devices emit.”

The High Acres station, a former water tower which is home to eight dishes and 18 antennae, is the subject of a high profile protest by residents calling for the masts to be scrapped.

The site was slammed for having “the worst levels of this type of radiation in the world” by American scientist Dr George Carlo during a visit to Kingswinford and leading celebrity anit-mast campaigner Jasper Carrot has added his voice to calls for removal of the masts.

Since 2001 14 people who lived nearby have died of cancer and a further 20 people in the area have contracted the disease and survived.