THE row over a controversial phone mast application in Brierley Hill is set for a hearing in The House of Commons.

Stourbridge MP Lynda Waltho is planning to present the 900-name petition gathered by protestors against a proposed 12.5 metre tower in Hillfields Road to Parliament.

The Labour MP hopes taking the fight to Westminster will show the strength of opinion against the scheme, by giant company O2, and encourage ministers to consider a change in the law.

Mrs Waltho said: “I am fully in support of my constituents on this matter but feel that as well as the local action we need a similar response at the national level.

“There are loopholes in the law which need removing. Local authorities are given the roll out plans of the five main telecoms providers each autumn but are not obliged to share the information with residents until individual plans come forward.

“There are restrictions on masts in schools but not by schools or places where young people congregate. This is another nonsense that needs challenging.”

Mrs Waltho says she wants a change in the law to bring about a more cautious approach while further research is done into the possible health effects of electro-magnetic radiation on people living near masts.

Mrs Waltho said: “Planners will always say that there is no link between poor health and telecom masts but I remember when the same people said there was no link between leukaemia/cancers and electricity pylons. Now we know different.

“I don’t want us to risk anything until we know for sure. There are many other safe sites that can be considered and there is always the possibility of sharing masts with other providers.”

The current mast proposal in Amblecote, which is planned for a site in a residential area near Peter’s Hill Primary School, could be decided by members of Dudley’s Development Control Committee later this month.