GANGS of brick-throwing yobs are risking lives and jeopardising the future for a Stourbridge ‘jewel in the crown’.

A spate of attacks at The Bonded Warehouse by youths hiding in a derelict house near the tourist attraction has left members of Stourbridge Navigation Trust angry and frustrated.

In the latest incident a gang of 25 yobs threatened to damage property during a confrontation with a member of the boating community on Monday May 25, after bricks were thrown over a canal-side fence onto boats.

Colin Clements, Stourbridge Navigation Trust, director, said: “It has got worse over the last three or four months, half-house bricks are just the right size to come over, this is the worst it has ever been.

“We have tried talking to them and asking would they throw bricks in their own road, they say we can’t prove it was them.”

Trust chairman, Graham Debney, said: “They are using that house as a fort, this place is plagued with vandals and if one of those bricks hits anybody it will kill them.”

Attacks on boats moored at The Bonded Warehouse, Canal Street, are causing people to consider leaving the site which would mean a devastating loss of income to the Trust.

Bosses say a combination of losing mooring fees and spiralling bills for security upgrades is putting pressure on their finances.

The Trust operates the venue, providing a home for many community groups and exhibitions but if funding dries up the site would have to be handed back to owners British Waterways.

Graham Debney said: “The Bonded Warehouse is a jewel in the crown for Stourbridge, it is soul destroying for our members when they have to come and repair something that’s been damaged.”

Cops say they are aware of anti social behaviour issues alongside canals in Stourbridge and neighbourhood officers for Wollaston and Stourbridge Town will be patrolling in the area.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said: “Anti social behaviour is a priority for Dudley Police and all reports will be dealt with seriously and professionally.

“Anyone with concerns is urged to contact Wollaston and Stourbridge Town neighbourhood team by calling 0345 113 5000, or emailing”