A STOURBRIDGE DJ has become a real record breaker after completing a marathon charity stint at the decks.

Allun Evans, aged 37, smashed the world record for continuously spinning discs by clocking up a whopping 142 hours on the mike at a nightclub in Kidderminster.

The non-stop jock, who goes under the DJ name of Kideva, began his Guinness World Record bid at 1am on Monday May 31 and played throughout the day and night until 11pm on Sunday June 5.

Allun said: “The first half was quite hard but the last bit was the worst, I was hallucinating and seeing shadows.

“People were holding conversations with me and I couldn’t recall what they had said, at times I was almost not the full ticket.”

Allun, who been a DJ in Kidderminster for 12 years and also hosts a Saturday night show on The Bridge radio station in Stourbridge, says eating healthy food and drinking lots of coffee helped keep him awake during his near six-day set.

He said: “I was given a bowl of fruit and, like in the film Castaway, I turned a pineapple into a character called Wilson.

“He became a huge star, it was unbelievable, people were getting in touch to ask what Wilson was doing and I dedicated the last song to him, he kept me going.”

Allun estimates he played around 2,800 songs during his monster set which was streamed live on the internet and raised around £3,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust and Worcester’s St Richard’s Hospice.

He has reclaimed the World Record, which he previously held in 2004 with a 74 hour session, from Swiss DJ Cedric Barras, who held the title with 120 hours.

Allun said: “If anybody beats my record I will buy them a pint, I slept for three days afterwards - I not going for it again, I am thinking it’s time I grew up.”