CAMPAIGNERS fighting NHS reforms brought their battle to Stourbridge with a 213,000 name petition for the town’s MP.

Representatives from protest group 38 Degrees handed over the petition at the offices of Tory MP Margot James as part of a nationwide campaign opposing government plans to make GPs responsible for most heath service spending.

Ms James is a member of the parliamentary committee which is considering the proposals, 38 Degrees fear the changes will put health care into the hands of the private sector.

Former NHS worker, Pam Archer, aged 64, from Norton, said: “I want to say to Margot James please think carefully about what you are doing, please don’t break the NHS up.

“These plans remind me of the USA’s health system; for many of their citizens reliable health care doesn’t exist.”

Margot James said: “I will always act in what I believe to be the interests of patients and carers when it comes to the NHS.

“I believe completely in the founding principles namely that care should be provided on the basis of clinical need and not on the ability to pay.”