A SUDDEN spate of accidents on a rural stretch of road between Cradley and Wollescote has led to calls for urgent action amid fears that someone will be killed.

Oldnall Road has been the scene of four accidents in three days and one victim claims he knows of more than 20 crashes in just two months - all involving vehicles losing control.

Sharon Peacock, from Colley Gate, said her 18-year-old daughter Rebekah was lucky to be alive after her car spun off the road and into a field earlier this month.

And Stourbridge father-of-two Sean Windsor is still shaken and baffled as to how he lost control and crashed into a telegraph pole, writing off his Volvo in October.

The 43-year-old, who was travelling with his wife Sally, aged 42 and sons, Thomas, aged 15 and 11-year-old Harry, had started to brake from about 40mph - which is the speed limit - when he saw another vehicle stopped about 200 yards ahead, which had also lost control and hit the kerb.

Mr Windsor, of Queensway, Wollescote, said he believed the road surface was to blame, causing vehicles to skid when it was even slightly wet.

A spokesman for Dudley Council’s highways department blamed recent frosty driving conditions and speed, although he added that it was hoped to conduct skid-resistance tests on the road surface in February.

But Mr Windsor, who knows the road well, said: “There is something different about the road from when I used to drive to work in Cradley on it - and there was no frost when I crashed.

“It’s lunacy to wait until February to do the tests. At this rate someone is likely to have been killed by then.”

“Not all the accidents are reported to the police and living and working in the area I know there have been at least 20 accidents in Oldnall Road since mine. There’s always accidents there, it’s a real blackspot.”

Three years ago a spate of accidents on the road hit the headlines when a ghostly apparition of a young girl in Victorian dress was blamed.

Latest victims have not turned to the spirit world for an explanation and Mrs Peacock is urging highways bosses to investigate more likely causes.

“I could have lost my daughter just before Christmas. She had a miraculous escape, although she had concussion, bruising and seatbelt injuries.

“In the same conditions and circumstances people are having accidents at a phenomenal rate. Something needs to be done before there’s a fatality,” said Mrs Peacock, of Ladysmith Road, whose daughter’s car was written off in the accident as she drove to work at a hair salon in Hagley.

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