A QUARRY Bank movie-maker’s spoof video interview with a woman with ‘lazy cow syndrome’ has become an internet sensation.

David Tristram wrote the script to Doreen’s Story - an interview with fictional out of work mum-of-two Doreen who bemoans her life on benefits and class A drugs as music to tug on the heartstrings plays gently in the background.

The mockumentary style short flick satirising the country’s benefit cheat culture, starring Black country actress Gill Jordan as Doreen, has become an instant hit on YouTube - notching up more than 300,000 hits on YouTube since it was posted two weeks ago.

David said: “It seems to have captured people’s imagination; everyone seems to know a Doreen somewhere - but it was never intended to be a political statement.”

Speaking in an exaggerated Black Country accent, Doreen tells how she has been forced to claim thousands in state benefits since being diagnosed with ‘lazy cow syndrome’, the only treatment for which is heroin, ecstacy and “a bit of crack at the weekends”.

The mum-of-two, whose children Trojan and Tangerine are both pregnant, sits on a sofa in a brown track suit and tacky hoop earrings while describing her difficulties in finding a job due to her ‘genetic’ condition which leaves her exhausted just opening the envelopes to take out her benefit cheques.

David, aged 53, said he and actress Gill, from Walsall, came up with the idea for the shot spoof flick while working together on a corporate video.

He said: “We wrote it there and then, tried it on a whim and suddenly the world’s gone mad.

“It’s been in national newspapers; we’ve had comments from America and there’s even one version on the internet with Czechoslovakian subtitles. It’s certainly proven the power of viral media and it’s taken us a little by surprise.”

YouTube viewers have described the video as a “brilliant piece of satire”.

One fan said: “I absolutely love this video.” Another called it the “funniest thing I’ve seen in years” and another described it as “pure genious”.

David credited Gill’s performance as Doreen as “amazing” - adding: “She’s a real Black Country girl but her accent was slightly cartooned up for the video. I think she’s very talented.”

Gill’s star quality has also landed her a role in David’s forthcoming film Inspector Drake 2 - The Seagull, although she won’t be playing Doreen - David stressed.

The film, a follow-up to last year’s Inspector Drake - The Movie, is currently in production and due for release in the autumn.