STOURBRIDGE skaters will soon be mourning the loss of the town’s Bell Street multi-storey car park which they say has been an iconic place to skate for as long as they can remember.

Already gutted to see the structure next to the Crown Centre closed up and primed for demolition, many of them say it’ll be a heartbreaking moment to see ‘multi’ - as they’ve nicknamed it - reduced to rubble.

Hoardes of skate fans from across the town and further afield have utilised the crumbling carpark’s ramps over the years - particularly since the closure of Stourbridge’s indoor skate park Ramparts which was situated on the lower level of the building.

Josh Taylor, aged 19, from Stourbridge, added: “I’ve been skating at multi since I was 12. I’m gutted. I don’t even want to see it the way it is now. I’ve made so many friends there. Everyone’s going to be gutted that it’s gone.”

Joe Shaw, aged 15, from Stourbridge, said: “When we found out it was closing and going to be knocked down we got 60 people to all come down and have one last skate. People came from quite a way away.

“It’s the central home of skateboarding - especially in Stourbridge. That’s where everyone would go. More skateboarders would go to the multi-storey car park than Redhill skate park.”

He said when it was announced the car park was to close to make way for a new Tesco superstore up to 60 boardriders flocked to ‘multi’ for one last skate in February.

The subject has also sparked a Twitter debate - with posters calling demolition day “a sad day” for skaters.

DY8 Skate posted: “Multi was THE place to skate. Imagine the outcry if they were going to blow up the pool or the football pitches. They’re blowing up the home of skateboarding.”

With Stourbridge Lib Dem politician Chris Bramall, saying: “It will be so sad to see the end of ramparts - at least it will go out with a bang.”

With another poster adding: “Football has Wembley, Cricket has Lords, Rugby has Twickenham & Skateboarding has The Crown Centre Multi Storey.”

The shabby car park is set to be blown up to ensure the demolition phase of the Crown Centre redevelopment scheme passes swiftly, avoiding prolonged traffic chaos on the ring road.