AFTER capturing the hearts and minds of Dudley folk, a Black Country comedy act are now ready to conquer Edinburgh.

The Fizzogs will be performing at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival from Friday, August 7 to August 13, where they will showcase extracts from their highly-acclaimed ‘Fifty Shades of Fizzog’ show.

It has been a long standing aim of the group to perform at Edinburgh and after a lightening visit last year for a trial run of their routines, they are now booked for a full week of performances.

Fizzog Sue Hawkins said: “One of our main aims is to spread the unique flavour of the Black Country as far afield as possible and over the last year our Dancing Grannies routine went global with around 1.6 million shares on the internet.

“Performing at Edinburgh gives us the chance to perform in front of new live audiences further afield.

“It has cost us £5,000 to put the show on and we owe a great deal to our project manager Naz Ahsun and to Holden’s Brewery from Woodsetton and Stourbridge-based Stage Audio Services for their generous support.

“We don’t know what the audiences will make of us, cos they does talk a bit funny up there doh they!”

Advance ticket sales for the shows at the Space venue have so far been encouraging and the Fizzogs are hoping for a big response from a new army of fans.