DUDLEY Council’s chief executive is getting ready to don her trainers as she prepares to join Brierley Hill Primary School’s daily mile.

Sarah Norman will join children this morning (Thursday, April 28) as they run – or walk – their way to fitness through a regular daily mile.

It comes as part of a national initiative which has been encouraging children to get more physically active during their school day by taking part in the 15 minute challenge.

A number of schools and organisations across the borough are already taking part in the initiative, while around half of the primary schools have also expressed an interest in taking part.

Ms Norman said: “I’m really looking forward to joining Brierley Hill Primary schools daily mile.

“I’m a keen runner myself and recognise how important initiatives like this are to get children and young people across the borough moving.

“Whether they run, walk, jump or skip the mile, being more physically active will benefit their physical and emotional wellbeing both in and out of school.

“I’m pleased so many schools across the borough are recognising the benefits and signing up to the daily mile.”

Pupils in years five and six at Brierley Hill Primary School have been taking part in the challenge since September last year.

Teresa Allport, headteacher, said: “Year six heard about the St. Ninian’s project while watching Newsround and they were extremely keen to give it a try.

“As a school, we also wanted to make the most of such a worthwhile initiative which reaps physical benefits for pupils and has a knock-on effect in the classroom.

“The headboy worked out how many metres are in a mile and measured the longest distance around the playground to see how many laps we needed to do.

“Pretty soon year five were keen to join in the project. The children really enjoy the daily mile and tell me that it makes them healthy and fit. They enjoy being able to run with their friends.

“Some pupils also love the challenge part of it and aim to beat their time for the mile course.”

Following its initial success, the school is planning to roll out the daily mile to the rest of the students.

For more information about the daily mile, borough schools should call the Dudley Healthy Schools Programme on 01384 816264, or email anna.hill@dudley.gov.uk