A PUB goer was lucky to escape uninjured after a car smashed into a bus stop – missing her by inches.

Lorraine Alberts had just got up from the bus shelter near the corner of Brettell Lane and Collis Street to head back into The Starving Rascal pub at Amblecote when a dark coloured Volkswagon Golf careered into the structure – virtually destroying it.

The 64-year-old from Amblecote just managed to scurry to safety into the pub as the VW hurtled into the shelter – sending glass shattering onto the pavement and leaving the structure in a mangled state.

Her son Matty Alberts said afterwards: “She was very lucky, someone was looking out for her that day - and it was very lucky no one was hurt.”

The incident happened just after 4.15pm yesterday Sunday (July 9).

Police and paramedics were called but nobody was reported to have been injured.

Stourbridge News:

One man who was sitting in the bus shelter is believed to have been left bruised and in shock following the smash but did not require hospital treatment.

Landlord David Williamson said he “thought the front of the pub had gone” when he first heard the collision – and he added: “We’d got quite a few people in the pub on Sunday – there could have been a lot more people out there.”

Police would not give any further details regarding the crash but witnesses locally reported seeing the driver and passengers flee the scene and jump into another car.