A BLACK Country inventor is hoping that an appearance on tonight’s (Sunday, July 24) episode of popular show Dragons’ Den will enhance the launch of his unique stationery concept.

Viewers can watch Ross Williams, managing director, and Surlender Pendress, operations manager, of Brierley Hill based company Write Size go head-to-head with the notorious entrepreneurs on the BBC programme where they received some typically fiery feedback.

The pair pitched their revolutionary writing product which aims to make writing easier for children to learn to the dragons in December and their fortunes in the den will be aired tonight to millions of viewers.

Write Size has developed a range of pencils to scale for children aged two to 10 in an attempt to make handwriting less daunting, easier to learn and more enjoyable.

When seeing the products for the first time, dragon Sarah Willingham said: “This is either bonkers or genius.”

The Write Size concept was originally brought to life by Ross in 2012 after watching his young children struggling to learn to write with a tool which was not in proportion to their hands.

He said: “It took two years to get the initial idea off the drawing board. We kicked started a number of research programmes with teachers, children and parents which reaffirmed the impractical use of adult sized pencils when teaching children to write.

“Around 14 billion pencils are sold yearly, yet they only come in one size – the right size for adults’ hands, and yet a five year old’s hands are only 50 per cent as big as an adult’s. Clearly this makes a pencil feel twice as long as it does to us.”

Ross added: “Working closely with my team, we decided that getting our product onto the Dragons’ Den was an opportunity to pursue.

“At the very least, it would give us a platform to get people talking about the logic of the product.”

Since filming, the company’s products have being launched in a number of retailers across the UK including Webbs Garden Centres, LPC Stationers, Ruddocks of Lincoln and national retailer Rymans, while they are also available in New Zealand and the Middle East.

Ross said: “We are really looking forward to seeing the edited version of our time on Dragons’ Den.

“Our experience on the programme has been a real eye opener and we have taken the feedback on board. We are approaching a very exciting time with the product and brand.

“Who knows where this will lead us.”

Write Size appearance on Dragons’ Den will be broadcast this evening at 9pm on BBC Two.