THERE aren’t many consultancies that can boast 166 years' experience.

Johnson Poole and Bloomer can and it actively trades on its history which dates from the early mining industry.

That mining heritage - the practice was set up by Henry Johnson in 1844 - is a bedrock of the firm.

JPB’s extensive and unique archive of ground conditions, in the Black Country and beyond, enables it to apply its in-depth specialist skills to help homeowners, purchasers and developers address environmental and geotechnical problems left over as a legacy of the region’s industrial heritage.

The firm works in partnership with Landmark Information Group and Groundsure Environmental Insight to assist in all forms of property sale/purchase, management and development.

JPB’s unique knowledge and experience brought our practice much work during mining’s heyday.

As the industry died out, JPB’s expertise in dealing with, assessing and treating the problems left over by mining and other industrial site uses, has been much in demand and with increasing development on brownfield, so-called dirty, sites, its skills and knowledge have proved crucial to many projects.

Given today’s increasing focus on green issues JPB has had a longstanding commitment to the environment since well before such a commitment became universally vital.

Addressing the challenges of old mine workings, soil problems, contamination and reclamation issues is central to what the firm does, and has been so for many decades.

Many people already know of Johnson Poole and Bloomer as one of the few consultants with genuine mining experience and expertise, but it also carries out a wide range of other services related to ground conditions.

These are: site investigation; ground improvement: mining and mine stabilisation; site reclamation; contaminated land reclamation; site surveys; environmental desk studies; flood risk assessments; and development advisory services.

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