LYE brewery Sadler's Ales having been raising a glass or two to their latest product Peaky Blinder.

Brewed in honour of the hit BBC Birmingham based TV historical drama, the beer has proved an instant success.

Created as one of the brewery's one-off ales to commemorate local or national events, the brew has caught the imagination of drinkers.

Sadler's Ales sales director Ian King said: "It's been selling like mad and done exceptionally well.

"The idea came from our managing director Chris Sadler, who is also head brewer. To be honest, the idea was inspired. And with a second series of Peaky Blinders set to hit the screen in September, its popularity is only likely to increase."

The recipe is based on the traditional ales likely to have been served in Birmingham hostelries just after the First World War when the area was famous for its mild and brown ale drinks.

The brew has been particularly popular at the Black Country Living Museum, where the TV series was filmed and has already featured on Midlands television.

At present it is only available on cask, but there are plans to bottle the beer which should then be available in local supermarkets shortly.

The popularity of Peaky Blinder couldn't have come a better time for Sadler's Ales who celebrate their 10th anniversary this year after the brewery was reformed at Lye Cross in 2004, with their pub, The Windsor Castle, following two years later.

Mr King added: "We had one pub we supplied with the beer in Solihull sell out within seven hours. Hopefully they'll be back for more.

"It's difficult to say whether Peaky Blinder has been our most successful beer - but its certainly made the most impact."