LASER Quest in Amblecote is celebrating its 16th birthday with a whopping £75,000 worth of new high-tech equipment.

The popular sci-fi laser game centre - which opened in 1992 - is the longest-running in the world and thanks to the new investment it is now one of the largest and best-equipped Laser Quest arenas in Europe.

Managing director Robert Brookes, who has worked at the High Street activity centre since it opened, said “By investing in the latest laser packs we can be confident that all our guests will continue to have a blast every time they visit.

“We have been working very hard over the past eight years so we could invest in these packs.”

Nick Brunt, managing director of Laser Quest GB Ltd and co-founder of the Laser Quest brand, said: “I’m delighted to see the Stourbridge Laser Quest venue go from strength to strength.

“The arrival of the new laser packs reinforces their position as one of Europe’s top Laser Quest sites.”

As part of the celebrations, Laser Quest is having a ZAPPY HOUR every weekday at 4pm until Friday January 2 where players will get the chance to play specialized games never before made available to the general public.

Laser Quest was formed in 1988 after many months of research into the space games market.

Trials began in Manchester the following year - with prototype equipment imported from New Zealand. Then with the laser tag concept proven, new equipment was developed and produced in the UK.

Since then, it has become the biggest operator of laser tag games in the world with more than 60 sites up and running across the globe.

And the concept continues to be the subject of research and development.

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