Blakedown WI

The president opened our January meeting with a new year greeting and welcomed a new member and three visitors. Catherine was thanked for her lovely arrangements of yellow roses on the Presidents table.

Sadly, the meeting opened with the news of the death of one our long standing members, Barbara Saunders. Doreen Chatwin had sent a card on behalf of the members to Ann and the rest of Barbara’s family expressing our sadness.

Our secretary, Chris, being poorly, June Gordon read the December minutes which were agreed and signed. Members were advised that a vote needed to be taken on the 2017 Resolutions. Set out in the November and December issue of WI Life, copies were available for members to refresh their memories. A vote was taken after coffee.

The treasurer, reminded members to pay subs by the February meeting. The request is always accompanied by a poem to soften the blow of wanting money at this time of year which Judy’s husbands pens for us each year. Produce Show would be on September 9 so start thinking about produce and crafts.

Sandra then gave members details of the courses and visits available through WFWI and these, together with flyers for other entertainment, were put on the board for members to browse during the evening.

The entertainment for the evening was provided by our members. June Gordon had orchestrated our very own ‘Desert Island Discs’ with music provided by Jan Cook. First onto the desert island was Madam Rose Berry! Her chosen music was Fever by Peggy Lee and she would take a picture of her six children to the Island. We were all amused by stories of some of their exploits as children. Next onto the island was Dame Doreen Hannibal Chatwin. She recounted a memory from a holiday in Rhodes when she and her husband listened to an US Marine band playing Midnight Serenade. Third onto the island was Lady Kath Lahive who would take a piece of very English Music by Elgar; we listened happily to Nimrod from his Enigma Variations. The Welsh side of Kath’s life, were epitomised in two pieces of Christmas writing which had us all laughing. The final person onto the island was the Hon June Homer, choreographer extraordinary, whose choice of music was Unchained Melody and the novel Pride & Prejudice would go with her to the Island. All the members thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment and a big thank you to June Gordon for organising it.

After coffee members wracked their brains to answer June’s quiz, the raffle was drawn and members were reminded that at the next meeting there would be a valentine hat competition.