Amblecote History Society

Chairman Geoff Longmore, welcomed many visitors and members and introduced our speaker for the evening, recently retired local History teacher Max Keen who talked about The Civil War and it’s local connections, it was a night of information and entertainment. Max enters the theatre in his costume of a civil war soldier; giving the audience the opportunity to guess which side he was on. Explaining that both sides wore virtually the same except the officers who wore a red or orange sash to distinguish whether they were Royalist led by King Charles I or Parliamentarian led by landowner Oliver Cromwell who became a great military leader.

Max illustrated and described local places that were connected with the war, the visit to Stourbridge by Prince Rupert who stayed at The Talbot, other local places involved, was Wollescote Hall, Enville and Stourton Castle. Max showed his disgruntlement of no commemorative Heritage Blue Plaques in these prominent places, including buildings in the towns of Kidderminster, Ledbury and Bewdley.

After the battle of Worcester in September 1651 King Charles II fled via Stourbridge and Wordsley on his way to Boscobel, Max explained that they were approached by a group of parliamentarians, Charles and his group dismounted their horses and walked through Stourbridge, speaking in French, during that time the town was full of French speaking Huguenot glassmakers, the Royal group blended in well to aid their escape.

Along with members of the society, the audience contained many visitors and members.? Max’s talk was accompanied by many slides and references to the actions taken by King and Roundheads around the district. Again a very entertaining evening, thank you Max.

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