Blakedown WI

The president started the meeting by giving huge thanks to June Gordon for arranging the successful birthday meeting in October at the Brasserie. It was enjoyed by all, who had a lovely meal, and birthday cake made at Crumbs in our village!

She thanked Catherine for the beautiful flower arrangement, then welcomed visitors - Emma, Carol and Jane. We hope they will enjoy our company and join as full members soon.

The next Lunch will be at the Island Pool, December 7 at 12.30pm.

Also a reminder of the Christmas lunch at the Granary on 7 December - names and money to June.

The WI received a thank you letter from the local Alzheimer's organisation to which the donations for Janice Jones were sent - they were very appreciative.

Hagley group Carol service at 7.30pm on December 4.

Photo competition of our activities - entries will be sent to NFWI.

Bentley Pauntsfoot WI will hold a Murder Mystery evening on November 24 'Aladdin' in Stourport by a local theatre company January 26-February 3. A number of craft courses are detailed in this month's WI newsletter. The next Produce Show will be in Autumn 2019 - plenty of time for members of the village to dream up spectacular entries.

Jo - our new theatre organiser - is taking names of those who wish to see 'Wicked' at the Birmingham hippodrome on April 26.

Jo coerced her friend to give a report on their visit to the Annual Council meeting. They enjoyed the presentation by Ben Cooper (of BBC's Bargain Hunt) - but clearly enjoyed more the wine tastings of the WI sponsored wine!! In spite of much encouragement they were unwilling to share the bottles they had bought!!

The speaker this evening was Frieda Barker, who gave a riveting presentation called 'The man who was Shakespeare'. There have long been rumours that Shakespeare was not the man who wrote the renowned plays and sonnets. She presented very credible information that his work was actually written by Christopher Marlowe. Who knows?? But don't we all love a conspiracy theory??

We were brought back down to earth with a bump by the sketch of Romeo and Juliet - by Doreen and June! Juliet definitely wasn't impressed by this Romeo - or his offering of tatty flowers!!