Blakedown WI

This was the Christmas show meeting - the Silver Anniversary, 25 years of hilarity from our WI ladies and the honorary (male) members (mercilessly beaten into submission by their wives to join in this fun event every December)!

Our President began by welcoming members and guests, thanking them all for braving the snow, ice and rain. We then sang Jerusalem - all in fine voice!

Business was short - reminders that subs are due at the January meeting, and we will also vote on Resolutions then. That meeting will feature not only our very own Catherine Clark hats but also cheese and wine - to lift the January blues! The book club lunch meeting will be on 12 January and the WI lunch meeting will be at the Swan on January 18.

The performance took us from India with Bollywood dancers, to the South Pacific with a very dubious but hilarious 'dame'! Then to Mexico with our honorary members who ended their sketch with a very entertaining version of 'You can keep your hat on' !! Will our WI be drummed out for such raucous behaviour?? We then went from 'Chicago' to outer space - our two intrepid astronauts were most concerned about lavatorial functions in space, and the contents of their sandwiches!!!

Finally the Queen's Garden Party - with Doreen and June G as the Queen and Prince Philip! As they have been the undisputed masters of our Christmas shows over 25 years they were rightly elevated to Royalty!!

The evening ended with Christmas carols - and all went home in high spirits!