CARING Brierley Hill sisters Ellouise and Rhiana Bowater proved a cut above the rest after donating their hair to the Little Princess Trust.

The sisters had their locks lopped off for a good cause at Mak Unisex Hair Salon in Brierley Hill High Street.

Proprietor Andrew Price said: "The event drew quite a crowd. We had people in the shop and more watching from outside as we made the cut.

"It's good for the salon, as we've only been here for three months. Previously, we were on the Hawbush estate for three years, where I got to know their mum Tina.

"She was a customer there and has followed us to the High Street, so I had no hesitation in helping when she mentioned the idea."

Both sisters, who live on the Hawbush estate in Brierley Hill and attend The Wordsley School, wanted to do something after a number of family members had suffered from cancer.

Proud mum Tina Bowater revealed: "The girls have never had their hair cut properly and a number of people had said to them, when you have it cut I'd like your hair for a wig - and that's where they got the idea from.

"It costs between £300 to £500 to make one of the wigs, so the girls wanted to raise some money to go with the hair and it's been amazing to see just how many people have rallied around.

"We've had support from the local fish and chip shop, Moor Street Fryers, Brierley Hill Market Hall and the One Stop Store in Swan Lane, who helped with putting up posters and holding a raffle, in addition to the support from their friends at school.

"They were looking to raise £500, but I think it's closer to £700 or £800.

"But I must admit, it's a strange sight seeing both of them without their hair."