THE Inner Wheel Club of Brierley Hill met for their monthly meetings in February and March.

This month we are in the process of making up 20 more shoeboxes to be filled with suitable gifts for members of our forces who have no families able to forward parcels to them.

During our March meeting, we welcomed Eugene and Margaret Schellenburg from the Ifakara Bakery Project.

This project is a self financing charity in the heart of Tanzania, which was set up with the assistance of the Schellenburgs and the people of Ifakara.

The need was very great due to the inconsistency of the harvests in that part of the world, people were dying in the lean years due to starvation so the Bakery Project was conceived with a view to providing accessible food for the people all year round.

Money was raised in England and equipment transported to the Sisters of St. Francis in the convent in Ifakara, who set up the bakery.

The bakery provided employment as well as food for, not only the local people, but it also donates bread to the leprosy hospital and the local orphanage.

Eugene and Margaret provide an extremely interesting talk and the money raised is all put towards the £20,000 which is required annually to maintain the free bread funds for both the hospital and the orphanage.

Their website can be accessed on if you wish to find out further details.