A POORLY rescued greyhound is coming on leaps and bounds following an appeal for donations to help pay for vital medical treatment.

Four-year-old Bear arrived at Broadmarsh Kennels in Wassell Grove Lane, Hagley, in May after retiring from racing but shortly afterwards volunteers at Greyhound Trust Hall Green noticed he had problems with his balance and co-ordination.

He was taken to see a nearby vet and also specialist vets in Derby and after various tests he was found to be suffering with a neurological problem and rare infection that has affected his muscles.

Volunteers at the trust, which rehomes retired race hounds, were determined to do all they could to help Bear on the road to recovery to help him find a forever home so they launched a fundraising campaign to help pay for his veterinary bills.

More than £4,000 has since been raised to help the poorly pooch, who has been given antibiotics to help with the infection, and Greyhound Trust volunteers say there's been a definite improvement in Bear's condition.

Tracey Parberry, chairman of Greyhound Trust Hall Green, said: "Bear is making a good recovery. We still have some way to go but there is a great improvement.

"Bear was a very ill hound and his treatment has cost us as a charity over £4,000 but with readers' help, and those who know the branch, we have been able to raise enough money to continue his treatment to get him well."

Marie Whitehouse, lead volunteer at Greyhound Trust Hall Green, said Bear had been a "little timid of new experiences and new things" and he was hardly able to walk at first but she said he likes the company of other dogs and now enjoys a walk and chasing squirrels.

She added: "We're thinking he'll need to go into foster care - perhaps a home with another greyhound, certainly with no young children although older children may be okay and certainly a home where there's no cats or other small furries - ideally someone who has got experience of greyhounds or sight hounds."

He will likely have ongoing medical costs, she said but she added that "the trust would help out with those when he's in his foster home".

Anyone wishing to make a donation towards Bear's continuing medical costs can donate online at https://www.justgiving.com/hgrgt/donate or send cheques to Greyhound Trust Hall Green c/o Broadmarsh Kennels, Wassell Grove Lane, Hagley, DY9 9JL.