A CHARITY for retired greyhounds is campaigning for a change in the law after one of its rescue hounds suffered devastating injuries when it was attacked by another dog.

Greyhound Trust Hall Green, based at Broadmarsh Kennels, Wassell Grove, near Hagley, has launched a campaign for a 'Dave's Law' to be introduced after one of its rescued greyhounds was mauled by a dog off its lead just days before heading off to his forever home.

Four-year-old black ex-racehound Dave was left fighting for his life after he was attacked by a brown mastiff type dog on August 28 and needing veterinary treatment costing thousands of pounds.

A volunteer dog walker from the charity was also injured in the incident in the woods off Pedmore Lane as she tried to save Dave from the jaws of its attacker.

Stourbridge News:

According to volunteers at the Trust - the incident was considered a 'dog on dog' attack rather than an attack on a human and therefore it is unlikely that a prosecution of its owners would be sought.

Carl Higgs, from Amblecote, who had agreed to adopt Dave just days before the horrific incident, said: "The police were helpful at the time but since then it looks as if they won't be looking to prosecute those responsible as they've said it was a 'dog on dog' attack and the walker shouldn't have intervened.

"This makes a mockery of the current Dangerous Dogs Act. The law as it stands is not fit for purpose."

He believes the dog that attacked Dave was a type of Iberian mastiff and, together with the Greyhound Trust, he is calling for a law change to protect responsible owners of dogs, which are attacked by out of control hounds.

Dave is currently making a good but slow recovery from his injuries. According to the Trust, which is still raising funds for his treatment, he is still under the care of vets and the mental effects of the incident continue to cause him distress.

Stourbridge News: Dave the greyhoundDave the greyhound

Mr Higgs believes the dog that attacked him, which was with two similar dogs and three young men at the time, should at the "very least have been muzzled" and he added: "The law should be such that any attack or threat of attack from such dogs should be an offence which results in the owners being prosecuted and liable to pay all costs to the third party involved. This should be rigorously enforced by the police, courts, dog wardens and local councils."

The law currently states that it is an offence if a dog attacks an assistance dog but attacks on other animals including pet dogs are not prosecutable.

Tracey Parberry, chairperson of the Greyhound Trust Hall Green said: "We believe a 'dog on dog' attack should be an offence where the dog attacked is on a lead. We want Dave's Law to bring that to the fore. Responsible ownership of a dog has to be pursued."

The Trust is urging people to highlight cases in which their dogs have been attacked by other dogs in public and also to share their views on the current law and what legislation they would like to see introduced. The stories and views will then be included in a portfolio to be presented at the end of October at a meeting at the Houses of Parliament.

Anyone with a story to share is asked to email hallgreen@greyhoundtrust.org.uk with a report about what happened, photos and costs incurred and views on how the law should be changed.

The message should be headed Dave's Law and the deadline for submissions is October 20.