The Annual General Meeting was held on March 12.

Chairman Enid Fennell welcomed Alva Staves as a visitor and the return of three members who had been absent at earlier meetings but were at last able to return.

The AGM began with Chris Moy reading the standing orders.

The chairman's report was read by Enid Fennell and the treasurers by Sue Wilson. Both were readily accepted and it was felt the guild was in good health.The officers for the forthcoming year were announced and the committee was completed by members Barbara White, Joyce Robins ,Sally Fowler and Pauline Bird.Thanks were extended to to the previous committee and also to several people who helped out in various unseen acts, as for example the husband who kindly prints our programme for the year ahead. Dawn expressed concern about recruitment ,we are after all, very welcoming. The general opinion seemed to be that the younger generations were either not interested in joining anything or the ladies were in full time employment and did feel they could spare the time.

A letter from headquarters was brought to the notice of members and will be discussed in full later. The Mandate for the National Annual general meeting to be held in Brighton in Mid- June was announced. .

The meeting then became more lighthearted ,with a quiz organised by Sue Wilson. There would be no winners or losers but we received a chocolate or two for taking part. Was it possible not to participate? However it did raise the question of the Federation Quiz to be held in May.Three members volunteered, but we need a fourth one.

The raffle prizes were drawn. As grand finale Enid invested Chris Moy the new chairman , with chain of office and on the happy note the guild ended another successful year.