Kingswinford Folk Dance Club held it's final gathering of the academic year on July 19th .

it was a sweltering' hot evening but that did not prevent us from having a very lively evening

The reserve callers were in charge of the dances chosen ,and they proved to be a varied and lively selection.

As usual time passed very quickly, as it does when you are having a good time. Some how we made time to catch up news and Chris was on her toes dishing out tickets for dances taking place during the Summer break whilst collecting the names of those wishing to attend one during the autumn.

The club has gone from strength to strength this year having just about doubled our membership. Thanks for this must be extended to our busy but informal committee and the variety of dancing styles we offer. However, we only do social dancing thThe club is open to any one who is interrested .We meet in St Mary's School in Queen Street on alternate Thusdays .

the first session in Autumn being on September 13 at 7.30pm.