Last month’s meeting Geraldine warned members about the Oak Processionary Moth caterpillar that can be a severe irritant if handled causing horrendous skin rashes, it can even bring on asthma attacks so please beware. This dire warning was followed by an inspiring talk by Harry Green, Head Gardener at Moreton Hall Gardens nr Redditch. Harry, who joined them in 2015, explained how, over the last 10 years, the gardens have been developed and transformed under the guidance of the owner, Mrs Olivieri, starting with the removal of 30’ high Laurel hedges that obscured many of the fabulous views. Taking inspiration from the Georgian ideal of a garden with elements of Arts and Crafts garden ‘rooms’ they have Incorporated both formal and informal spaces into the design. Each area opens into the next and builds on a colour palette or theme. Every year they increase by thousands the number of flowering bulbs in the parkland meadow. This further develops the ‘magic carpet’ of colour with over half a million fritillaries, Narcissus, Cammasia and Crocus’. Harry’s tip: To avoid squirrels digging up their hard work they dust the bulbs with chilli powder with success.

Competition winners - Flower of the Month – 1 & 2 Rosemary Pope 3 Mary Tromans

Vase of Garden Flowers – Rosemary Pope 2. Mary Tromans

Next meeting, we will be welcoming Ed Berger, from Vale Head Farm. This jewel of a local farm is managed on biodynamic principles and forms part of the Glasshouse College, Ruskin Mill Educational Trust. It offers training to young adults with special needs in a wonderful therapeutic environment.

Visitors are very welcome to join us on the last Thursday of each month, 7.30pm, St. Peter’s Church Hall, Vicarage Drive off Kinver High Street