Kingswinford TG

At the monthly meeting held on October 9th , Chairman Enid Fennell welcomed a new member Val Ellis.

Among the correspondence were two letters form headquarters , one urging us to participate in bringing the anti slavery demonstrations to the public notice. When this was read out ,we were aware that the Movements intentions were not made known to Townswomens' Guilds early enough to enable us to join in , even though T.G. is very much against Modern Slavery, having brought the subject to public notice a few years ago. The second letter was also read out ,and comments were made by some members.

Sheila Watt sorted out the payments due for the Christmas Luncheon at "The Lodge"and said it was still possible to attend .

The remaining business was soon completed and the main event began.

We were entertained by Marlene Watson in her own inimitable Black Country style .It was suggested that those who grew up outside the area sat near some one able to act as interpreter. Or just laugh when everyone else did. Some memories were stirred ,many of which revealed pearls of wisdom.

Brenda Greenaway was thanked for the beautiful floral display ,which she donated as an extra raffle prize . Raffle prizes were won by Elaine Skelling and Brenda Adkin.

Tickets for the Community Raffle were on sale .

Next Month we will be entertained again, which is unusal in itself ,but the chance to hear the Kingswinford Ukele Strummers is too good to miss. Visitors will be made very welcome.

Joyce Major. Publicity Officer.